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Notice on the Additional Requirements for the Health Code Applications for China-bound Passengers Transiting in Thailand from a Third Country
2021-10-02 11:51

In accordance with the COVID-19 prevention and control requirement of the Chinese government, for passengers entering Thailand with tourist or any other types of short-term visas from a third country, if there is a direct flight between the departure country and China, the Chinese Embassy/Consulates in Thailand will not issue Health Codes for such passengers. If there is no direct flight, the requirements for those China-bound passengers transiting in Thailand are as follows:

1. Passengers from a third country are required to take a direct flight to Thailand and get the green Health Code issued by the Chinese Embassy/Consulates in that country before departure.

2. Passengers shall stay in Thailand for at least 28 days after entry. Moreover, within 14 days before departure date, passengers should conduct personal health monitoring and fill in the Personal Health Monitoring Form.

3. Passengers should take the first COVID-19 Nucleic acid test 7 days before departure and take the second Nucleic acid test within 72 hours before departure. The third COVID-19 Nucleic acid test and the IgM & IgG antibody tests must be conducted no more than 48 hours before departure.

4. The above-mentioned tests can be conducted by any medical institutions designated by the Chinese Embasssy/Consulates in Thailand and the Health Code application must be submitted to the Embassy or the respective Consulates in its area. The second and the third test (72 hours and 48 hours before departure) are required to be conducted by two different medical institutions. The institutions must be in the list of the Embassy or the same Consulate. Tests conducted in different Consular district will affect the issuance of the Health Code.

5. The Chinese Embassy/Consulates in Thailand will not issue Health Codes for foreign passengers without quarantine upon arrival in Thailand.

The notice will be effective with the flights on and after October 18,2021. In view of the severe global pandemic situation, the Chinese Embassy/Consulates in Thailand hereby remind passengers to avoid all non-essential travels. For passengers who need to transit to China via Thailand, please strictly follow the above requirements.

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