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Post-quake Reconstruction in Sichuan

Sichuan Province was hit by a magnitude-8.0 earthquake in May 2008. The quake left 80,000 people dead or missing. The adjacent provinces of Shaanxi and Gansu were also impacted by the quake.After the quake, the entire nation had been mobilized to help the quake-hit regions get back on their feet.Until now, major reconstruction goals had been accomplished, as seen in improved housing conditions for quake victims, quake-proof public infrastructure, and progress in the revitalized industries in the area.The post-quake reconstruction effort in Sichuan Province has achieved its goals and registered a "decisive victory" .

 Lang zhen, a child of Quanshan kinderarten of Beichuan  Wang Dan, a child of Quanshan kinderarten of Beichuan
 Volunteers organised many kinds of theraphy for the children who surbibed the earthquake 2,300 students of middle and primay school of Chengdu are drawing pictures with a theme of defeating earthquake and disaster relief 
 99 couples of shifang city division in the earthquake in the village of ancient town red bean bean tree form coyly millennium  Newborn babies born in the disaster area
 Above: The new county seat of Beichuan is still under reconstruction.
Below: Beichuan County Seat was destroyed by the earthquake
 Above: Dujiangyan's permancent residences ready for use.
Below: The previously damaged Dujiangyan's residences.
 Juyuan High School in Dujiangyan, before and after the earthquake  Beichuan Middle School, before and after the earthquake
 Upper: The newly build People's Hospital at Hanwang Township, Mianzhu.
Lower: The previously damaged People's Hospital of Hanwang Town, Mianzhu.
 Upper: The newly build Dujiangyan Chinese Medicine Hospital is now inoperation.
Lower: The previously damaged Dujiangyan Chinese Medicine Hospital.
 Permanent residences in the quake-hit peasant village.  Wugui's resettlement area in Cuiyuchu Town, Dujiangyan.
Beautiful new homes after the recoustrustion   Reconstructed mountou Village in Nanxin Town, Mouxian County.
Hong Kong SAR rebuilding reconstruction project successively completed   Macau SAR rebuilding reconstruction project successively completed
 International experts involved in planning and rebuilding earthquake epicenter - very hard-hit yingshu  German aid the completion of jiangyou elementary school
 The first post-disaster reconstruction in Sichuan major railway projects - high-speed railway opens in Chengdu to Dujiangyan  The province's first expressway reconstruction - Cotton then opened to traffic speed in Suining
 The affected enterprises have quickly resumed the production  Disaster step on new steps industrial rejuvenation

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