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The Chinese Embassy in Thailand Briefed the Diplomatic Corp and Other International Organizations in Thailand on China's Effort to Combat COVID-19 and Its Cooperation with the International Community

On 12 Feb, a representative from the Chinese Embassy in Thailand made an introduction on China's effort to combat the COVID-19 and its cooperation with the international community, at an interactive session on international response to the COVID-19, hosted by the Ministry of Public Health of Thailand. More than 100 people including diplomats from embassies in Thailand, representatives from WHO office in Thailand and other international organizations attended the meeting.

The briefing by the embassy was mainly focused on the prevention and control measures against the epidemic, with the latest achievements. It was emphasized that progress are gradually made and that China is confident, capable and sure of eventually winning the battle against the epidemic. It was also mentioned in the briefing that China appreciated Thailand and the international community for their encouragement and support, was opposed to restrictive measures out of proportion, and stood ready to work together with other countries, with a view to safeguarding life and security of all people..

Officials from the Ministry of Public Health, representative of the WHO office in Thailand and diplomats from various countries spoke highly of the achievements witnessed in China's epidemic prevention and control battle, applauded China for safeguarding not only the health and security of its own people, but contributing positively for the wellbeing of all people in the world. Attendees also expressed their willingness to continue working with China in the fight against the epidemic.

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