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China High Speed Railway IV
----HSR Boosts Social and Economic Development

1. HSR Boosts Continuous Growth of Both Passenger and Freight Traffic Volumes

Since the opening of China HSR, passenger traffic demand is strong and traffic volume keeps continuous growth. Total 1.49 billion passengers have been originated by EMUs since the first operation in 2007.

As the rapid passenger traffic network is gradually built up, a large number of high speed EMUs are put into service, HSR passenger traffic volume, passenger and freight traffic volumes on conventional railway will maintain a fast growing momentum.

The share of passenger traffic volume originated by EMU in the total railway passenger traffic volume has increased from the 4.8% in 2007 to 32.2% now. As compared with 2007, the total passenger traffic volume has increase 505.56 million, a 37.3% growth.

2. HSR Effectively Reduces Time Cost and Logistics Cost

As HSR plays a more important role in the comprehensive transportation system, the turnover time of passenger flow and logistics in the whole society is apparently reduced. Social time benefit increases as the passenger travel time decreases, and the logistic cost is effectively reduced, which also contribute a lot to the improvement of enterprise efficiency and economic development quality.

3. HSR Accelerates of Urban-Rural Integration

With the opening of many HSR lines such as Beijing-Tianjin, Wuhan-Guangzhou, Zhengzhou-Xi’an and Shanghai-Nanjing, local areas like the Bohai economic rim, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Guanzhong Plain have accelerated the economic transformation and a new economic landscape has been formed.

Layout of Yujiapu Station on Beijing-Tianjin HSR
4. HSR boosts the development of modern service industry and promotes the soaring development of the third industry like tourism, catering and trade along railway lines.

5. HSR Vigorously Enhances the Ecological Civilization.

HSR is featured with less land use for passenger turnover, while viaduct is widely used in stead of subgrade, thus, the precious land resource is saved in China.


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