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China High Speed Railway III
----Operation and Safety Management

I Operation Management

1. Train operation: integrated planning, appropriate matching, alternate operation on high speed lines and conventional lines, different operation diagrams for trains of different speed levels, high density, gradual increase of the number of trains, routing optimization.

2. Traffic control: centralized, integrated, informationized

II. Safety Management

Safety risk management is implemented. Safety risk control system featured with reliable infrastructure, scientific management and capable employees is established. Thus the goal for continuous operation safety has been achieved.

1. Intensified Equipment Quality Control

--Technical specifications and standards for HSR products

--Quality assurance system

--Product source quality control and market access management

--Strict acceptance standard

--Technology guarantee and after-sales service

--The safeguard function of equipment

--Prior intervention of operation staff

--Quality supervision during construction

--Static and dynamic acceptance of equipment

--Integration test and commissioning

--Safety assessment

2. Fixed Equipment Inspection and Maintenance

Explore and master the variation rules of track, communication/signaling, traction power supply equipment, the maintenance shall be intensified to ensure dynamic performance and safe operation.

--Professional HSR equipment management depots

--Existing maintenance depots along new HSR lines extend their maintenance work to HSR

--Equipment comprehensive management by comprehensive maintenance organization

--Subcontracted maintenance work

3.Rolling Stock Inspection and Maintenance

      A. With priority to planned preventive maintenance, levels 1-5 maintenance system is established to carry out systematic inspection and repair to EMU.Levels 1-2 are servicing maintenance to the EMUs, which will be carried out in EMU workshops. Levels 3-5 are high level maintenance, aiming at recovering the functions of the EMUs. This will be carried out in EMU bases(or EMU main workshops)

     B. Establish EMU Maintenance centers covering the whole network.7 EMU maintenance bases were planned for high level maintenance,4 of them are already in service at Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Guangzhou to carry out Level 3-4 .maintenance.52 EMU maintenance workshops were planned for servicing maintenance,33 of them are already in service to carry out Level 1-2 maintenance.

4.Improved Disaster Prevention and Control System

The HSR disaster prevention and safety monitoring system is improved with focus on the monitoring of fire, storm/snow/freezing, gale/heavy fog, geological change and intrusion.

5. Complete HSR Regulation System

6. Improve the quality of HSR personnel

Examinations before promotion and certification for professional post.

7. Enhanced HSR Emergency Management

Emergency rescue command departments are set up in MOR, railway administrations and, station/depot respectively to establish a complete HSR emergency management and recue command system.


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