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China High Speed Railway II
----Technical Characteristics and Standards

    China HSR boasts the advantages of stability, good riding quality, safety, reliability, compatibility, large capacity and passenger convenience.

    I.Technology System of China HSR

    1.Civil Engineering

    -Subgrade design, construction, detection and maintenance

    -Bridge design, material type selection, manufacturing, transport and construction

    -Tunnel design, risk assessment, safe construction

    -The whole set of technologies for construction of passenger traffic hub

 Wuhan Tianxingzhou Bridge Main Span 98+196+504+196+98m  Nanjing Dashengguan Bridge Main Span 108+192+336+336+192+108m
    2. High Speed Train

    (1)China high speed train has four major series, which have axle loads ranging from 14t to 17t and can realize 200-350km/h operation. Based on these trains, CRH380 high speed train is developed, it has axle load of 15t, operational speed of 350-380km/h and the maximum test speed of 487km/h. By Nov. 2012, total 267 sets of CRH380 EMU are rolled off the assembly line, among which one is an high speed comprehensive inspection train.

    (2)High speed train has characteristics as low-resistance streamlined head, air tightness car body, matched vibration mode, reliable bogie system, low noise, high-performance traction system, current collection with two pantographs, safe braking system and human-based passenger interface.

    3 . HSR Communication & Signaling

    CTCS-3 train control system is constructed for China HSR, including temporary speed limit server, RBC, onboard train control device, etc.

CTCS-3 Train Control System  

    4. HSR Traction Power Supply

    - High-tension Suspension Technology for HSR Catenary

   - Large-capacity AT Power Supply Technology for HSR Traction Power Supply

   - SCADA Technology for HSR Traction Power Supply

    5 . Operation Management

    - HSR Traffic Control Technology under Complicated Network Condition

    - Passenger Service System Focusing on Passenger Service and Catering for Large Passenger Flow

    6. HSR Safety Risk Control Technology

    -Advanced comprehensive inspection train

   -Disaster prevention and safety monitoring system

    Extreme weather conditions monitoring and warning system on gale, storm, snow, foreign object invasion and earthquake to high speed railway was established and has provided real-time monitoring information for safe operation.

    7. System Integration Technology (I)

    - Overall Design

    - Interface Management

    - Integration Test and Commissioning

    II. CR's Technological Standard System

    1. Technical Standard System for HSR Products

    593 HSR professional standards and normative documents

    2. Standard System for HSR Construction

    152 standards for HSR construction including survey, design, engineering, acceptance and safety requirements.

    3. Improved HSR Operation Technical Regulations

    111 HSR regulations including professional regulation, technical document, operation standard and operation procedures, etc.

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