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China High Speed Railway I
----Plan and Achievements

      According to the middle-term and long-term railway network plan, the operational length of China Railways will exceed 120,000km by 2020, among which the passenger-dedicated line will extends over 16,000km. By then, the rapid passenger traffic network will exceed 50,000km, connecting all provincial capitals and cities with a population of at 500,000 people at least.


      The plan proposes to develop HSR and construct a rapid passenger traffic network with the four south-north corridors and four east-west corridors as the backbone. At present, China has become the country with the fastest pace of development and the largest scale of network. China has stepped into world's leading level in terms of HSR technology. 

      Operational Speed: compatible operation of 200km/h,250km/h,300km/h and 350km/h trains, operational speed up to 350km/h.

      Operational length: 7,735km HSR in operation by Nov.2012;  9,300km HSR in operation by the end of 2012.


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