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China Provides Additional 40.6 Million RMB Flood Relief

At the request of the Royal Thai government, the Chinese government provided additional 40.6 million RMB worth of emergency relief materials to aid the flooded areas of Thailand.

The materials, including 85 flood prevention speedboats, 600 rubber motor boats, 685 outboard motors, 150 cases of outboard motor oil, 500 water pumps, 200 water pipes and 5 cases of jionts for water pump, 90 sewage pumps, 33 water pipes and 2 cases of jionts for sewage pump, as well as 50,000 bottles of disinfecting tablets and 30,000 bags of disinfecting powder, arrived in Bangkok on Nov.7 and Nov.9 respectively.

In total, the Chinese government has provided US$1 million cash and 80.6 million RMB worth relief materials to the Thai government, mainly including boats, pumps and water purifications that are urgently needed by Thai government to fight against the floods.

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