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Ambassador Lyu Jian Attended Photo Exhibition Commemorating the 73rd Anniversary of the Victory of the World Anti-Fascist War and Delivered a Speech

May 9th, the opening ceremony of photo exhibition commemorating the 73rd anniversary of the victory of the World Anti-Fascist War was jointly held by Embassies of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia in Thailand at the United Nations Convention Center in Bangkok. Deputy Executive Secretary of UNESCAP Hahm Hongjoo, and more than 80 diplomats from various countries and representatives of UN agencies attended. Ambassador Lyu Jian and Permanent Representative of China to the UNESCAP Minister Counsellor Li Hong attended the photo exhibition.

In his speech, Ambassador Lyu expressed that the Chinese people know too well about the sufferings of war and thus had a relentless pursuit of peace. Among contributions by the Chinese Embassy to this exhibition, there were old photos that record the war destroyed scenes and new photos showed achievements of development and peace. The sharp contrast between the present and the past reminded us that we must firmly safeguard the hard-won peace. Not long ago, President Xi Jinping delivered a clear and strong message to the world in his keynote speech at the Annual Conference of Boao Forum for Asia, reiterating that China stays as determined as ever to build world peace, contribute to global prosperity and uphold the international order.

Ambassador Lyu called on all countries to work together to safeguard the international order and international system underpinned by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, and actively build a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, fairness and justice and win-win cooperation and advance the noble cause of global peace and development.

Observing the photo exhibition carefully, attendees expressed that the war had brought serious disasters to mankind, and we should bear the history firmly in mind, maintain peace and prevent the tragedy from happening again.

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