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Ambassador Lyu Jian Attended 8th and 9th Board of Directors' Inauguration and Handover Ceremony of Young Thai Entrepreneurs Association


On the evening of March 19, Ambassador Lyu Jian was invited to attend the 8th and 9th Board of Directors’ Inauguration and Handover Ceremony of Young Thai Entrepreneurs Association(YTEA). Mr.Udom Suksutpraset, Chairman 8th Board of Directors, Mr.Thanompong Pathomsak, Chairman of the 9th Board of Directors, other board members and association members about 60 people attended the event.

Ambassador Lyu expressed warm congratulations to the new board members and the Mr.Thanompong Pathomsak as newly elected Chairman of Board of Directors and gave full recognition to the contribution made by the 8th Board of Directors with Mr.Udom Suksutpraset as Chairman to the development of the association.

Ambassador Lyu affirmed the work of Young Thai Entrepreneurs Association to promote Thailand’s economic and social development and China-Thailand exchanges and cooperation over time. He noted that 2018 marks the first year to put the decisions of the 19th National Congress of CPC into full implementation, and it is also a crucial year for securing a decisive victory in establishing a moderately prosperous society in all respects and for carrying out the 13th Five-Year Plan. During the “two sessions”, the new leadership with Xi Jinping as the core has been elected. A series of major reform measures will be formulated in the form of law, which will surely have a far-reaching influence on China’s future development in related fields. The Chinese economy enjoys bright prospects. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, China will further strenghen its reforms, and a new pattern of comprehensive opening up with the "Belt and Road" cooperation as the key is gradually formed. Development plans like Thailand 4.0 and the East Economic Corridor (EEC) of Thai government are highly compatible with the “Belt and Road” Initiative, so that both sides have great potential for cooperation in the digital economy, high-end industries, and tourism in the future.

Ambassador Lyu expected YTEA to give full play to its own creativity and influence in order to encourage more young entrepreneurs to join the “Belt and Road” Initiative and the charity cause in China and Thailand, promoting Thai economic and social development and the pragmatic cooperation in various fields between the two countries. He encouraged young entrepreneurs to seize the important opportunity from China's economic development and the coherence areas of China-Thailand cooperation, to carry forward the fine traditions of the overseas Chinese community and to take the advantages of knowing both China and Thailand to tell good stories of China and “China Thailand One Family”.

Mr.Thanompong Pathomsak thanked Ambassador Lyu for his attention and guidance to the association. He expressed that he will live up to the expectations of the Embassy, the members of board and the association, to lead the association to develope further and play an active role in “Belt and Road” Initiative, Thailand 4.0 and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), contributing to the economic, trade and industrial cooperation between China and Thailand.

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