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Ambassador Lyu Jian Paid a Visit to the Southern Part of Thailand

  March 10th to 12th, Chinese Ambassador Lyu Jian, paid a visit to the Southern Part of Thailand, in a bid to promote the China-Thailand cooperation under the scheme of the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” Initiative, to greet the local overseas Chinese, to learn about the Chinese language education and the latest development in politics, economy, social and culture exchanges in the area. Zhou Haicheng, Chinese Consul General in Songkhla and other Consular staff joined the Ambassador throughout the visit. During the visit, Ambassador Lyu visited the local cultural projects and Songkhla Port with the Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam who came to attend the opening ceremony of the “Maritime Silk Road” Exhibition, met with Governos of Songkhla and Yala Provinces and Chairman of the Executive Office of Songkhla respectively. He also met with representatives of overseas Chinese in Southern Thailand, visited the Srinakorn School in Hat Yai and local ports, fisheries, rubber and culture projects and Sadao Economic Zone.



  During the meetings with Thai officials, Ambassador Lyu said that since it was proposed by President Xi Jinping five years ago, the "Belt and Road Initiative" has been well received by the countries along the route. China and Thailand have achieved fruitful results in pragmatic cooperation and China-Thailand relations entered a new era of upgraded cooperations. There is great potential for the development of our bilateral relations. The Southern Part of Thailand is an important stop of the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” with profound historical connections with China. The area together with China, could make greater benefits to the local Thai People by furthering coordination in the fields of planning, policies and regulations of development to dip the advantage of position and resouces of the area. Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu and other officials spoke high of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and its principles of "extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits". Following the development of China, especially the achievements of advanced technologies, they expected that Southern together with other parts of Thailand will play a greater role in the development of the "21st Centuray Maritime Silk Road" and looked forward to expanding cooperation in tourism, culture, rubber and other fields with China.

  When meeting with the representatives of Federation of Overseas Chinese Association in Hat Yai, Lyu said that the overseas Chinese in Southern Thailand have lived in harmony with the local people and made important contributions to the local economic development and social progress, serving as a bridge of friendship between China and Thailand. Ambassador Lyu explained to the representatives about the significance of the 19th National Congress of CPC in guiding the China-Thailand relations, comprehensively introduced the NPC and CPPCC which are taking place now in China and the domestic economic and social development. He encouraged overseas Chinese to actively participate in implementing the "Belt and Road Initiative", making a new and greater contribution to promoting Chinese culture, maintaining China’s peaceful reunification and pushing China-Thailand relations forward.

  Ambassador Lyu visited Srinakorn School, watched the arts and calligraphy classes in "Confucius Classroom", held discussion with representatives of Chinese School Association in Southern Thailand and volunteer Chinese teachers, and donated teaching equipments to the school. When talking to the students, Ambassador Lyu explained that Chinese calligraphy is all about the Chinese saying “the writing is like the man” that means the writing between squares can show the writer’s personality. He said Chinese culture emphasizes the cultivation of a gentleman’s style and noble spirits and he hoped that all students can both understand the profoundness of Chinese culture and exercise their character and become the pillars of the countury in the future and the friendship messengers between China and Thailand.

  Ambassador Lyu appreciated the Federation of Overseas Chinese Association in Southern Thailand for their contributions to Chinese education and extended cordial greetings to the teachers. Ambassador Lyu said that the development of education in Thailand has provided important support for the promotion of China-Thailand cultural exchanges. The demand for bilingual talents will increase day by day, giving more task of Chinese language teaching. The Chinese Embassy and Consulates will continue to support Chinese education and the Chinese schools in Thailand.

  When investigating the repairing work of the ancient city of Songkhla, Ambassador Lyu emphasized that the cultural and people-to-people exchange and cooperation is an important part of the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Both sides should further cooperate to discover the historical resources on the ancient "Maritime Silk Road" in Songkhla and Southern Thailand and protect the precious historical wealth of China-Thailand exchanges.

  During the visit to the port, rubber mall, and Sadao Economic Zone, Ambassador Lyu expressed that China and Thailand have great potential for cooperation in tourism, fishery, rubber, industries and connectivity. The two sides should pursue their endeavors in policy coordination and program planning to provide assistance to cooperation between private and public sectors. China will continue to support and encourage enterprises to invest in manufacturing in Southern Thailand to increase the added value of rubber and other industries. China has extened invitations to Thailand to attend the first China International Import Expo in November this year to promote signature products and services from Thailand. With both sides exploring the potential for cooperation in various fields, it is believed that China-Thailand "Belt and Road" cooperation will continue to achieve new results.

  Seeing Chinese equipment was used by Thai companies in the Rubber Mall, Ambassador Lyu appreciated the mutually beneficial cooperation between China and Thailand and encouraged Chinese staff to work hard to ensure the quality of China-made equipment and establish a Chinese brand image.

  Mr.Kajornsak Jareonsopha, Deputy Governor of Songkhla, the officials of Customs, Immigration Offices, Ports, Industrial Park and Rubber Mall management agencies in Southern Thailand welcomed Ambassador Lyu and conducted in-depth discussion about how to attract Chinese investment, carry out project cooperation, promot people-to-people exchanges.

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