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Madame Pan Peng Visited Autistic Thai Foundation

On February 5, Madame Pan Peng, wife of the Chinese Ambassador to Thailand, accompanied by artists from Sichuan Puppet Theater, Yangzhou Puppet Theater and Pingyang Puppetry Protection and Inheritance Center, paid a visit to the Autistic Thai Foundation. The artists brought wonderful Chinese puppet performance to the teachers and students of the foundation. Mrs. Kevin, wife of the Irish Ambassador to Thailand, joined the visit as the representative of the diplomatic missions to Thailand.


On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand and Ambassador Lyu Jian, Madame Pang Peng extended New Year greetings to the teachers and students of the foundation. In her speech, she affirmed the work done by the Autistic Thai Foundation to improve the quality of life and independence of autistic youth in Thailand. She said that autism has plagued millions of families in the world and needs the attention and care of the whole society. "Chinese and Thais are as close as one family" and both China and Thailand are developing countries. It is our common task to mobilize resources of all sectors to help the sick and vulnerable groups and promote social harmony. The Chinese Embassy in Thailand is willing to make every effort to support Thailand's social welfare undertakings and promote mutual exchanges and cooperation. Madame Pan Peng had cordial talks with students of the foundation and subscribed for their paiting works.


Ms. Tittira, wife of the President of the Autistic Thai Foundation, introduced the achievements made by the foundation in recent years and expressed her heartfelt thanks to the concern and support of the Chinese Embassy. She also thanked the Chinese puppet artists for their wonderful performance.


The puppet performance was cheerful, vivid, humoristic and full of Chinese traditional culture, winning waves of warm applauses and cheers from the audience. The students of the foundation also played musical instruments.


The Autistic Thai Foundation, established in 2002 with the concept of "developing unlimited potential and promoting sustainable development", has provided the autistic Thai adolescent patients with rehabilitation services, self-care courses and employment skills training. It was appraised by the Thai government as an "outstanding protection agency for disabled people."

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