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Counselor Pan Peng Conveyed Greetings and Solicitude to Overseas Chinese Charities Before Chinese New Year

  On February 1, 2018, Counselor Pan Peng, wife of Chinese Ambassador Lyu Jian, visited and sent solicitude to the Overseas Chinese Orphanage Foundation of Thailand, the Poh Teck Tung Foundation, the Thian Fah Foundation Hospital, the Overseas Chinese Women's Nursing Home and the Yong Kang Foundation. Counselor Li Chunlin and Counselor Zhang Donghao joined the visit.

 Visiting Overseas Chinese Orphanage Foundation of Thailand  Handing over Ambassador's letter and donating to Poh Teck Tung Foundation

  On behalf of Ambassador Lyu Jian and the Chinese Embassy, Counselor Pan Peng gave financial donations to the five charity organizations, donated 2 computers to the Overseas Chinese Orphanage Foundation of Thailand and offered gifts and conveyed Spring Festival greetings to the orphans and the elderly people. Counselor Pan Peng fully affirmed the long-term efforts by the five charities, and hoped they will continue to promote the charity spirit of helping those in distress and aiding those in peril, carry forward the Chinese virtue of respecting the elderly and caring for the young, being kind to others and filial to parents, and make more contributions to the cause of charity in Thailand. She said that the Embassy will stay in communication with the charities and provide them with more support and assistance within its capabilities. At the Overseas Chinese Orphanage Foundation of Thailand, Counselor Pan Peng chatted with the children cordially and encouraged them to study hard and grow up happily. In the Overseas Chinese Women's Nursing Home, Counselor Pan Peng sang a Chinese song named "Nothing can be more beautiful than the sunset", expressing her best wishes to the elderly. The atmosphere was very warm and the participants were very touched.

 Handing over Ambassador's letter and donating to Thian Fah Foundation Hospital   Taking photos with directors of Overseas Chinese Women's Nursing Home

  The heads of all charities thanked Ambassador Lyu Jian and Counselor Pan Peng for their concern and the long-standing support from the Embassy. They pledged to redouble their efforts and continue to work for the well-being of overseas Chinese and the local people in Thailand.

 Meeting with directors of Overseas Chinese Women's Nursing Home

Taking photos with elderly in Yong Kang Foundation 

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