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Madame Pan Peng Attended Lingnan Cultural Exchange and Activities Showing Respect to Aged

On January 16, Madame Pan Peng was invited to attend and address the Lingnan Cultural Exchange between Thailand, Hong Kong and Australia and the New Year Celebration under the theme of respecting senior citizens hosted by the Cantonese Opera Academy (Thailand). In her speech, Madame Pan Peng commended the positive role played by the Thai Cantonese Opera Academy in spreading Chinese traditional culture and traditional virtues, and sent her best wishes for the new year to the guests and senior citizens present.

At the celebration, Cantonese opera lovers from Hong Kong, Australia and local Thailand performed traditional Cantonese opera selections, such as "Fan Leifa and Her Adopted Son" and "Time to Go Home-Comforting the Wife", and presented the Best Grandparent Prize to the respected elders.

After the celebration, Madame Pan Peng accepted an interview with Thaicn.com.

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