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Ambassador Lyu Jian’s Interview at Groundbreaking Ceremony of China-Thailand Railway Project

  On December 21, the groundbreaking ceremony of the first phase of China-Thailand railway cooperation project was held in Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Ambassador Lyu Jian attended the ceremony and gave an interview with Chinese and Thai media.

  Ambassador Lyu said that the official launch of the China-Thailand railway cooperation project marked an important progress in the pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. It is also a great achievement of China and Thailand jointly implementing the "Belt and Road" initiative and promoting connectivity in the region. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang sent a special congratulatory message and Thai Prime Minister Prayut attended the opening ceremony in person, which showed that leaders of both countries attach great importance to the China-Thailand railway and "Belt and Road" cooperation.

  The China-Thailand railway is the first modern standard gauge railway using Chinese technology in Thailand. Once completed, the project will link with China-Laos railway and Yunnan Province of China in the north, and reach Malaysia and Singapore in the south, forging a "big artery" running from the north to the south. It will promote connectivity in the region and enable areas along the railway to set up special economic zones, industrial parks and logistics centers in accordance with their respective advantages. It is of great significance as these inland areas lagging behind in economic development will board the express train of regional development to tap and unleash their economic potentials, solve the problem of uneven regional development and promote common prosperity.

  Ambassador Lyu said today's opening ceremony is a small step in the China-Thailand railway cooperation process because there is still a lot of work to do in the future, but it is also a big step forward because the two sides have increased mutual trust and enhanced understanding through cooperation in the initial phase, establishing a solid foundation for faster and better cooperation in the next phase. As the first railway cooperation project between China and Thailand, it is inevitable that some technical difficulties will be encountered during the process of advancing the project. However, both sides made every effort to overcome the difficulties via extensive communication with development needs and common interests in mind, and made the project another successful example of bilateral pragmatic cooperation, showcasing their strong will and firm attitude in advancing friendly cooperation.

  Ambassador Lyu stressed that as long as the two sides work together, the China-Thailand railway project will become a great project benefiting both the present and future generations. With the continuous advancement of China-Thailand railway cooperation project and pragmatic cooperation in various fields between the two countries, the friendly relations between China and Thailand will move to a new level.

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