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Ambassador Lyu Jian and Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports Weerasak Exchanged Views on Investigation into Capsizing Incident in Phuket

On the morning of July 18, Ambassador Lyu Jian met with Weerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, and exchanged views on the investigation into the cause of the capsizing of tourist boats in Phuket. Ambassador Lyu thanked the Thai side for making all-out efforts to search and rescue the affected Chinese citizens and deal with the follow-up matters. Ambassador Lyu stressed that many Chinese tourists lost their lives or were injured in the incident, and the public were highly concerned. It is hoped that the Thai side will speed up with the investigation, punish those accountable for the incident in accordance with the law, and give an explanation to the bereaved families and the injured. Minister Weerasak said that the Thai side is undertaking a comprehensive investigation into the incident and will stay in close communication with the Chinese side on that.

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