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H.M. King Vajiralongkorn Sent Letter of Condolences to President Xi Jinping on Capsizing of Tourist Boats in Phuket

On July 13, H.M. King Vajiralongkorn of Thailand sent a letter of condolences to President Xi Jinping on the capsizing of tourist boats in Phuket. H.M. King Vajiralongkorn said he was deeply saddened by the capsizing of tourist boats off the coast of Phuket which caused great loss of lives and many people missing. H.M. the King expressed profound sympathy and condolences to President Xi and through him, to the bereaved families who suffered painful loss from this incident. H.M. the King also reassured President Xi that all resources at Thailand’s disposal are being mobilized in the search and relief effort.

The whole letter is as follows:


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