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Chinese Ambassador Lyu Jian: Spare No Effort in Searching and Rescuing

Having learnt about the capsizing of the tourist boats in Phuket, Ambassador Lyu Jian, who is in China to report on his work, immediately gave the directions that the Embassy and the Chinese Consulate General in Songkhla spare no effort in dealing with this issue, and that the task force of the Embassy come quickly to the scene to coordinate with the Thai side in mobilizing all possible forces for the search and rescue operation, make all-out efforts to treat, cure and make appropriate arrangements for the rescued Chinese citizens. The Embassy must waste no time in opening hot lines to provide all necessary assistance to the involved Chinese compatriots and their family members, and at the same time, require the Thai side to find out the cause as soon as possible.

The Embassy has already opened two hot-lines for Chinese compatriots to ask for help: 0066-642351752, 0066-820367651. The task force of the Embassy has arrived at Phuket on the morning of July 6. The website of the Embassy will release updates in a timely manner.

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