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Visiting Research FellowProgram Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance Institute of International Studies at Fudan University

Title: Visiting Research Fellow

Host: Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance; Institute of International Studies at Fudan University

Location:No. 680,Guoquan Road, Yangpu District, 200433, Shanghai, China


The Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance (the Asia-Pacific Center), Institute of International Studies (IIS) at Fudan University is cooperating with Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Kingdom of Thailand to invite two Thai visiting research fellows. This four to six months, full-time fellowship program at Fudan University is IIS's efforts to enhance cooperation with Southeast Asian scholars who will specialize in the study of foreign policy in relations to China.

The successful candidate must have a research focus on foreign policy issues related to China and the ability to conduct in-depth research in English or Chinese. This person will work closely with the Asia-Pacific Center's team and will report to the center's director.


· The program is open to Thai research fellows from universities, institutes, think tanks of Thailand. The nationality must be Thailand.

· Candidates could do visiting research from May, 2017 in Shanghai. The lengthy of visiting research ranges from 4 months to 6 months, which can be decided by the candidate according to his/her own condition.

· Research interests in international politics, international relations, diplomacy, economics, or a related field with a focus on some aspects of China are preferred.

· Proven track record of substantive research experience, preferably demonstrable with a history of prior publications (peer-reviewed or general-audience publications).

· Proficiency in English or Chinese.

Program Requirements:

· Conduct independent research and publish at least two articles or reports according to the Asia-Pacific Center's requirements.

· Present at least one talk or independently organize at least one event at the Asia-Pacific Center.

Program Benefits:

· Fellowship stipend for four to six months, 2400 U.S. dollars per month, and round-trip  economy-class air ticket between Thailand& China.

· Access to Fudan's library, gym, cafeteria, and other facilities.

· Dedicated office space at the Aisa-Pacific Center.

· Access to research resources across IIS's twelve research centers.

How to Apply

· Candidates should submit the following documents,

(1) a resume in English or Chinese with a list of prior publications and a research proposal,

(2) the copy&links of the prior publications,

(3) the copy of academic certificate.

· Research proposal should be less than two pages and should outline the candidate's research topic, areas where he/she would dedicate research, end products (types of publications and events), tentative timelines of publications during the visiting period.

· Please send the documents to the following two emails:

yin_xingying@mfa.gov.cn; apcenter@fudan.edu.cn

· Attention: only candidates selected will be contacted.

About the Institute of International Studies and the Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance

The Institute of International Studies (IIS) was founded in 2000. From 2013, Fudan University expanded and restructured the institute into a grand and high-level platform to coordinate and organize all research in terms of foreign countries, international relations and global issues. New IIS is expected to become one of world-class think tanks based in Chinese universities and China's research hub for international studies. The IIS, composed by several study centers, is also the Key Cooperation Institute for Policy Study (2016-2018) of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The study area of IIS covers a wide range which including American Study, Japanese Study, Korean Peninsula Study, South Asian/Pakistan Study, Russian and Central Asia Regional Study, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Study, EU Study, French Study and Global Politics and Trade, Asia-Pacific Regional Governance, Chinese Neighboring Diplomacy, Chinese Development Model. Among the study centers, Center for American Studies is the Key Research Institute of Humanity and Social Science in University of Chinese Ministry of Education. The Faculty of IIS consists 16 professors, 15 associate professors and 3 assistant professors.The Institute of International Studies could be reached at www.iis.fudan.edu.cn.

The Center for Asia-Pacific Cooperation and Governance (The Asia-Pacific Center) founded in 2013is one of the first ten university think tanks in Shanghai, led by Professor Wu Xinbo, Executive Dean of the Institute of International Relations and director of the Center for American Studies, Fudan University. Targeted on the research of international relations and regional cooperation in Asia-Pacific region, the Asia-Pacific Center focuses on interactions between China and other major countries as well as regional organizations in Asia-pacific region (such as the United States, Japan, Russia, South Korea and ASEAN etc.),analyzes these interactions and thus proposes counter-strategies; researches the channels and models of cooperation in Asia-pacific region, discusses the establishment of governance mechanism in Asia-pacific region and summarizes feasible models of cooperation which are suitable for Asia-Pacific region; advocates a regional model of international relations with Asia-Pacific characteristics based on the history, culture, social and political status in Asian-pacific region. Based on researches on international relations of Fudan University, the location in Shanghai and the resources of Shanghai academic circle, the Asia-Pacific Institute, Shanghai Think Tank acts as a significant researcher, a policy-adviser, an intellectual products provider and an opinion shaper in terms of international relations, regional cooperation and governance in Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile, it functions as a player in public diplomacy and track-two diplomacy, attempting to become the top class university think tank which is based on the Asia-Pacific region and influences the whole world. The Asia-Pacific center could be reached at www.apcenter.fudan.edu.cn.


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