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Ambassador Lyu Jian accompanies HRH Princess Sirindhorn to visit the terra-cotta warriors cultural relics exhibition

  On December 14, Ambassador Lyu Jian accompanied HRH Princess Sirindhorn to Thailand National Museum to visit the terra-cotta warriors cultural relics exhibition. HRH Princess Sirindhorn stopped in front of the precious cultural relics and enjoyed for a long time. She positively appraised the achievements of the cultural cooperation and people to people exchange between the two countries. After the visit, Ambassador Lyu presented to HRH Princess Sirindhorn the album of the ‘Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang’ compiled by the Museum of terra-cotta warriors, as well as the commemorative CD of the Chinese Embassy's celebration of the award of the "Medal of friendship" by HRH Princess Sirindhorn. Thai Minister of Culture Itthiphol Kunplome and others participated.

  Qin Shi Huang -- ‘The first emperor of China and terra-cotta warriors’ was jointly organized by the Cultural Relics Bureau of Shan’xi Province of China and the Department of Fine Arts of the Ministry of culture of Thailand. It is the first time for Thailand to hold an exhibition of Chinese cultural relics. The exhibition opened in September this year. Over the past three months, it has attracted nearly 270,000 visitors including top political and commercial officials of Thailand, foreign envoys in Thailand and people from all sectors, setting off a new upsurge of Chinese culture in Thailand.

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