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China and Thailand Entering New Era Hand in Hand, and Celebrating Spring Festival Like One Family

  Decorated festively, and opening wide its gate to the guests, the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the Kingdom of Thailand received friends from all walks of life in Thailand on February 10 to jointly celebrate the Chinese New Year. Around 1000 guests attended the event, including President Pornpetch Wichitcholchai of the National Legislative Assembly, Privy Councilor Palakorn Suwanarat, First Vice President Surachai Liengboonlertchai of the National Legislative Assembly, Secretary-General Sumet Tantivejkul of the Chaipattana Foundation, and Chairman Surakiart Sathirathai of the Asian Peace and Reconciliation Council (APRC), as well as Thai celebrities, heads of Chinese-Thai societies, Chinese-funded enterprises, Chinese students in Thailand, Chinese language teaching volunteers, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots in Thailand.

  The theme of the celebration is China and Thailand entering the new era hand in hand, and celebrating Spring Festival like one family. Ambassador Lyu Jian began his speech by wishing Thai friends, overseas Chinese, staff of Chinese-funded enterprises and Chinese students in Thailand a happy new year. He said that not only the Chinese people but also the Thai people celebrate the Spring Festival. A joint celebration of the Spring Festival is a vivid reflection of “Jeen Thai Pee Nong Gan”. “Jeen Thai Pee Nong Gan” has enabled the two countries to achieve political mutual trust, economic mutual benefit, cultural connectivity and fruitful cooperation in different fields. The meeting between President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha in Xiamen last September was like a political guarantee for the rapid development of the bilateral relationship along the right course. Economically, China has been Thailand’s No.1 trade partner for 5 consecutive years. China’s direct investment to Thailand increases continuously. The first phase of the China-Thailand railway cooperation project was successfully commenced, and important progress has been made by the two sides in the process of jointly promoting the Belt and Road initiative. The Chinese Academy of Sciences established the innovation and cooperation center in Bangkok, with the aim of upgrading and optimizing China-Thailand cooperation with science and technology and talent. The two countries are each other’s major tourist destinations. Last year, over 9.8 million Chinese visited Thailand. The friendship between the two peoples grows with each passing day.

  Ambassador Lyu Jian said that hand in hand, the two countries will embark on a journey to the new era. The successful 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China ushers the Chinese people onto a new journey of building a great modern socialist country. The Thai government has mapped out a 20-year strategy, charting the course for the long-term development of the country. The Chinese side highly values its relationship with Thailand. We will firmly support Thailand in maintaining stability, and choosing a development path that suits its national conditions. We will work together with Thailand to further align the Belt and Road initiative with Thailand 4.0 and Eastern Economic Corridor, broaden cooperation in different areas and bring China and Thailand even closer to each other.

  President Pornpetch said that he is very glad to celebrate the joyous Spring Festival, which is the most important festival for the Chinese people, in the Chinese Embassy, and wishes everybody a happy reunion with family and a good health in the coming year. Thailand and China are like relatives who press ahead with practical cooperation in different fields in the principle of equality and mutual benefit. Fruitful results of bilateral cooperation have brought tangible benefits to the two peoples. President Pornpetch said happy new year and good luck to all the guests in Chinese.


  Accompanying by Ambassador Lyu Jian and Madame Pan Peng, the guests enjoyed excellent performance by artists and children of the two countries. Players on the stage and guests under the stage interacted with each other during the performance which was full of surprises. At the interactive zone, the photo exhibition on the Belt and Road and China-Thailand relations attracted a large amount of guests. They listened attentively to the introduction given by Ambassador Lyu Jian, and spoke highly of the remarkable achievements of China in developing the country and improving people’s livelihood. The guests visited stalls of Rayong Industrial Zone and Huawei, watched the demonstration of Chinese-funded enterprises’ social responsibility, tried the Mobikes, stopped over booths of Chinese calligraphy, tea ceremony and incense art, and listened to Chinese zither. At the food street, the guests tasted dumplings, Guizhou snacks that are listed as world intangible cultural heritage, as well as Thai food. They also took photos in front of the paper boards of the Great Wall, Terra-Cotta Warriors and cartoon characters, The atmosphere is lively with one climax after another.


  The event lasted from 9 o’clock in the morning till 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Many guests felt like home in the Chinese Embassy. What impressed them is not only the atmosphere of Spring Festival but also China’s latest achievements, fresh visions and new image, as well as the progress and new direction of China-Thailand relations. They jointly wished the two countries peace and prosperity, and hoped that the bilateral friendship will flourish forever.

  A lot of Chinese and Thai media covered the celebration. Ambassador Lyu Jian gave an interview with China Central Television after the event.

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