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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Weimin's Regular Press Conference on December 14, 2011

Q: Officials from the US State Department and the DPRK Foreign Ministry reportedly met in Beijing today. They might have discussed the resumption of food aid to the DPRK. Please brief us on that.

A: I am not aware of the situation you mentioned. China's principled position on US-DPRK contact is clear. We support the US and the DPRK enhancing contact and dialogue which we hope will create conditions for the resumption of the Six-Party Talks.

Q: The ROK Embassy in China was hit on December 13 by an iron bead suspected to have been shot from an air gun. What is China's attitude on that?

A: The ROK Embassy in China has informed relevant Chinese department, and China takes it seriously. Relevant department is investigating the case. On-site investigation and preliminary evaluation basicly ruled out the possibility that the break of the window in the lounge of the ROK Embassy was caused by gunshot. China has deployed extra police force and strengthened security patrol to ensure the safety of the ROK Embassy and consulates in China.

Some ROK groups and individuals have protested in front of the Chinese Embassy in the ROK recently. China has urged the ROK to take effective measures earnestly to guarantee the safety and normal working order of the Chinese missions.

Q: Please brief us on the latest developments of the clash between ROK coast guards and Chinese fishermen in the Yellow Sea. Will the incident impact China-ROK relations?

A: China attaches great importance to the incident and keeps close communication with the ROK side. The Chinese Embassy in the ROK spared no time to send consular officials to visit Chinese fishermen. China will cooperate actively with the ROK to investigate and deal with relevant issues conscientiously and appropriately. We also hope that the ROK side will ensure the safety as well as the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese fishermen in real earnest.

China expresses regret that relevant incident caused injury and death of ROK coast guards. We believe that with the concerted efforts of both sides, the individual case will not impact the overall interests of bilateral relations.

Q: It is reported that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda will visit China in late December. Please confirm and brief us on his itinerary.

A: China welcomes and values Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda's visit to China. The two sides have been in close communication and coordination on the specific schedule. We will release information in due course.

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