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Ambassador Lyu Jian Attended Seminar on China-Thailand Relations Held by Thailand-China Business Council

  On Feburuary 27, Chinese Ambassador Lyu Jian was invited to participate in the seminar on China-Thailand relations organized by Thailand-China Business Council.

  In his speech, Ambassador Lyu Jian reviewed the remarkable achievements made by the two countries in the fields of politics, economy, trade and culture since the establishment of diplomatic ties 43 years ago and highlighted the particularity and importance of China-Thailand relations. Ambassador Lyu said that China and Thailand, two important developing countries in the region, are in a similar stage of development and face the same tasks of overcoming the "middle-income trap" and raising their peoples’ living standards. After the successful 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) last October, China will develop relations with other countries in the world with a more open attitude, and promote the building of an open world economy with the "Belt and Road Initiative" as its focus. China's development has, and will continue to bring more opportunities for the development of the world. Thailand is formulating a national development strategy for the next 20 years, implementing Thailand's 4.0 strategy in an all-round way, and has already promulgated the Act for the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). A number of large-scale infrastructure projects are believed to be launched one after another within this year. China and Thailand have entered the critical period of their respective development, and this has brought about important opportunities for the development of China-Thailand relations. Going forward, the two sides should strengthen policy coordination and conduct top-level design to become more intimate partners for development. The two countries should promote high-tech cooperation including in China-Thailand railway project, internet finance, big data and new energy so as to create broader common interests. In addition, the two sides should strengthen exchanges at all levels to deepen mutual understanding and create a stronger emotional bond between the two peoples. It is believed that China-Thailand relations will embrace an even brighter future.

  Former Thai Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun, former Thai Foreign Minister Tej Bunnag, former Chinese Ambassadors to Thailand Zhang Jiuhuan and Guan Mu, as well as other participants and witnesses of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Thailand were invited to share at the forum their precious memories and stories about the establishment of diplomatic ties.

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