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Ambassador Lyu Jian Attended the Inauguration Ceremony of the New 26th Board of Directors of Thai CC

  On the morning of January 29, Ambassador Lyu Jian attended the inauguration ceremony of the new 26th board of directors of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Thai CC) upon invitation. More than 200 people including Mr. Jitti Tangsithipakdee, President of the Thai CC, and the new 26th board members attended the ceremony.

  On behalf of the Embassy, Ambassador Lyu expressed his warm congratulations to the new board members and to Mr. Jitti Tangsithipakdee, the re-elected president of Thai CC, and extended his sincere regards and cordial New Year greetings to the participants.

  Ambassador Lyu spoke highly of Thai CC's long-term contribution to Thailand's economic prosperity and social development, and to the friendly relations and the pragmatic cooperation between China and Thailand. He hoped that Thai CC will seize the historical opportunity of China and Thailand's development and give full play to its advantages in a bid to push China-Thailand relations to a higher level from three aspects. First, Thai CC should fully leverage its exemplary role and promote the construction of a harmonious overseas Chinese community in Thailand. Second, Thai CC should tap its commercial functions to explore innovative ways of China-Thailand cooperation and to enhance its participation in the "Belt and Road" construction. Third, Thai CC should wield its social impact to spread Chinese culture and promote the great cause of China's peaceful reunification.

  Mr. Jitti Tangsithipakdee, President of the Thai CC, thanked Ambassador Lyu for taking time off his busy schedule to attend the ceremony. He said that he would live up to the expectations of the Embassy and all board members of the Thai CC, and make sure that the Thai CC will stay in close cooperation with the Embassy , and contribute its share to China-Thailand friendship and the bilateral relations.

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