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Ambassador Lyu Jian Called on Notable Leaders of Overseas Chinese

  Recently, Ambassador Lyu Jian respectively visited Dr.Boonsong Srifuengfung and Dr. SutheeMeanchainun, Permanent Honorary Presidents of the Thai-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and Dr. Kraisorn Chansiri and Mr. Visith Leelasithorn, Permanent Honorary Presidents of the Tio Chew Association.


  Ambassador Lyu Jian sent flower baskets to them, and asked about their health and life. He thanked the four leaders for their support to the Chinese Embassy during their presidency and for their long-standing contribution to deepening the friendly relations and promoting pragmatic cooperation between China and Thailand, and wished them good health and family harmony.


  Dr.BoonsongSrifuengfung, Dr.SutheeMeanchainun,Dr. KraisornChansiri and Mr. VisithLeelasithornre recalled their experiences of witnessing and assisting China-Thailand friendship in their respective presidency and thanked Ambassador Lyu and the Embassy for visiting them, saying that they will continue to follow the development of the overseas Chinese communities in Thailand, support the Chinese Embassy, and make further contribution to the friendly relations between China and Thailand.

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