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Ambassador Lyu Jian Held Discussions with Heads of Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone and Enterprises in Zone

  Ambassador Lyu Jian and staff of the Chinese Embassy visited Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone on October 2, and held a symposium with heads of the zone and some enterprises in the zone.

  Zhao Bin, vice president of the Thai-Chinese Rayong Industrial Zone gave an introduction about the zone, then Chen Hua, general manager of Zhongce Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd, Wei Guoqing, general manager of Futong Group (Thailand) Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Li Jun, general manager of Tai Oil Steel Pipe Co., Ltd, Cai Shanshun, general manager of Himile (Thailand) Co., Ltd, Huang Jiqun, general manager of Tenghui Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Zhou Shuxiang, general manager of Zongshen (Thailand) Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. introduced the development of their enterprises respectively.

  Ambassador Lyu Jian expressed his festival greetings and said that the main purpose of his visit was to learn more about the development of the industrial zone and enterprises in the zone, and the second purpose was to explore what can be done by the Embassy to better serve Chinese enterprises in Thailand. Ambassador Lyu hoped that the industrial zone and enterprises in the zone will seize and make the most of the great period of opportunities and enhance the awareness of strategy, responsibility, risks and public relations when China and Thailand deepen their relations, transform and upgrade their economy and when the “Belt and Road” initiative is being pushed forward in Thailand. He also hoped that, while developing themselves, the industrial zone and enterprises in the zone can share development outcomes with Thailand, thus making greater contributions to promoting China-Thailand relations.

  In the afternoon, Ambassador Lyu Jian visited Futong Group (Thailand) Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Zhongce Rubber (Thailand) Co., Ltd, and Tenghui Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. respectively.

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